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Electric Pass Panorama - Maroon Bells Wilderness 1

Electric Pass, Maroon Bells Wilderness

From 13,500' in elevation, this is the view Electric Pass offers as a reward for enduring the 3,500' elevation gain and countless sweeping switchbacks. The trail follows the Cathedral Lake trailhead before branching off before the actual lake. Turning left at the split heads a half-mile to Cathedral Lake. Taking the path to the right leads up higher until you are on the rocky and sketchy dirt trail that lands you in a tiny notch with breathtaking (literally) views of the Elk Mountain Range.
In this panorama, the peak to the far left is an unnamed 13er. In front are Hilliard Peak (13,409'), Keefe Peak (13,516') and Hunter Peak (13,497'). Behind these are Pyramid Peak (14,018'), South Maroon Peak (14,156'), and North Maroon Peak (14,014').
This panorama of the Maroon Bells Wilderness from Electric Pass is available in larger and custom sizes. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.